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Overview On Business Call Forwarding

5.July.2022 . by Lucia Garnett



Call forwarding refers to the call which is coming on one person’s phone and they need to transfer that call to another person. This procedure is also called call transfer. The business call forwarding is very useful, it helps to handle the meeting of the people. People can attend the conference call together on the phone. This feature can improve the customer experience and boost call management facilities.


Different types of business call forwarding

  • Always forward: When a person is on holiday, away from friends and family, they can easily turn on this feature to transfer the call from their phone to another phone.
  • Call transfer when busy: This feature is available when a person is talking to someone on their phone and waiting for another important call to come. A person can activate the call forwarding option to another number. It means that the important incoming call will be transferred to another number when a person is still busy on phone.
  • Unreachable situation: In this situation, call forwarding helps a lot. If a person is out of the network. If a person initiates this feature all the calls will automatically be transferred to another number.
  • Not picked up: When the call is not answered by a person, the calls will be forwarded to another number configured by them.


Does the caller know that the call has been forwarded

When the person knows that they won’t be able to attend the call, they tend to activate a feature to transfer the call to another number. When another person calls, the call is automatically transferred to another number and they notice this. Some companies can message the caller that their call has been forwarded. Others can play music when the call is being transferred. There can be a delay in the ringing as the call forwarding takes some time.


How to initiate call forwarding

To activate this feature, a person needs a phone which is this system. It can be done through the phone’s setting section. The following is the procedure to follow to activate the call forwarding:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on the call button.
  • Go to “Advanced setting”.
  • Click on “Call forwarding”.
  • Four options will come up after selecting the “Call forwarding” such as Always forward, Call forward when busy, Call forward when not respond, When inapproachable.

The person needs to select one of the options and they need to provide the phone number to forward the call. This feature automatically activates after giving the number.


The benefit of business call forwarding

A person is available all the time through this feature as the office calls can be transferred to the employee phone. It helps to avoid voice mail. A business call forwarding is helpful to the business function. It enhances the business functionality and makes the person available all the time. It helps to satisfy the customer or other business employees as their answers are getting answered.


The call forwarding helps the people as the call gets transferred automatically to another number when they are busy doing something. Anyone can initiate this process on their phone. It improves the client's experience as all the calls get answered.